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Acromioclavicular Crossover Test
Acromioclavicular Shear Test
Adam’s Forward Bend Test
Allis’ Test
Ankle Clonus
Anterior Drawer Test
Anterior Shoulder Instability Tests
Apley’s Compression Test
Apley’s Distraction Test
Apley’s Scratch Tests
Arterial Dissection
Axial Cervical Compression Test
Babinski Response
Brudzinski’s Sign
Cerebellar FunctionTest
Cervical Distraction Test
Clarke’s Sign
Cranial Nerve Examination
Crank Test
Crossed-Leg Test
DeKleyn’s Test
Dial Test
Drop Arm Test (Sign)
Eccentric Step Test
Ege’s Test
Empty Can Test
External Rotation Recurvatum Test
External Rotation Stress Test
Femoral Nerve Traction Test
Finger Escape Sign
Gaenslen’s Test
Gagey Hyperabduction Test
Gillet’s Test
Godfrey’s Test
Hautant’s Test
Hawkins-Kennedy Test
Helfet’s Test
Hoffmann's Reflex
Hughston’s Posteromedial & Posterolateral Drawer Tests
Kernig’s Sign
Lachman’s Test
Lateral Pivot Shift Test
Lhermitte’s Sign
Load and Shift Test
Ludington’s Test
Lumbar Quadrant Test
Maximum Cervical Compression Test
McConnell’s Test
McMurray’s Test
Merke’s Test
Neer Impingement Test
Neurological Examination of C5 to T1 Nerve Roots
Neurological Examination of L2 to S1 Nerve Roots
Noble’s Compression Test
Ober’s Test
O’Brien Test
Painful Arc Test
Patellar Apprehension Test
Patellar Ballottement Test and Bulge Sign
Patrick’s Test
Piriformis Test
Posterior Drawer Test
Posterior Sag Sign
Resisted External Derotation Test
Rinne Test
Romberg and Sharpened Romberg Tests
Roos Test
Sacral Thrust Test
Sacroiliac Compression Test
Sacroiliac Distraction Test
Scapular Assistance Test
Scapulohumeral Rhythm
Screening Neurological Examination for Neck Pain
Shoulder Abduction Test
Shoulder Depression Test
Slocum’s Test
Slump Test
Speed’s Test
Squeeze Test
Straight Leg Raise Test
Sulcus Sign
Thigh Thrust Test
Trendelenburg’s Test
Upper Limb Tension Test
Valgus Stress Test
Valsalva Test
Varus Stress Test
Waldron’s Test
Weber Test
Well Leg Raise Test
Yeoman’s Test
Yergason’s Test
Yocum Test
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