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Acromioclavicular Crossover Test (Shoulder, AC joint)
Acromioclavicular Shear Test (Shoulder, AC joint)
Adam’s Forward Bend Test
Adson's Test (Neck)
Allis’ Test
Anterior Drawer Test (Ankle)
Ankle Clonus (Upper Motor Neuron Test)
Anterior Drawer Test (Knee)
Anterior Shoulder Instability Tests (Shoulder)
Apley’s Compression Test (Knee)
Apley’s Distraction Test (Knee)
Apley’s Scratch Tests (Shoulder)
Arterial Dissection
Axial Cervical Compression Test (Neck)
Babinski Response (Upper Motor Neuron Test)
Brudzinski’s Sign (Meningitis)
Calcaneal Compression Test (Ankle & Foot)
Calcaneal Squeeze Test (Ankle & Foot)
Carpal Compression Test (Wrist & Hand)
Cerebellar FunctionTests
Cervical Distraction Test (Neck)
Clarke’s Sign (Knee)
Cozen's Test (Elbow)
Cranial Nerve Examination
Crank Test (Shoulder)
Crossed-Leg Test (Ankle)
DeKleyn’s Test (Vertebrobasilar Insufficiency) (VBI)
Dial Test (Knee)
Drop Arm Test (Sign)  (Shoulder)
Dorsiflexion-Eversion Test  (Foot and Ankle)
Eccentric Step Test (Knee)
Ege’s Test (Knee)
Empty Can Test (Shoulder)
External Rotation Recurvatum Test (Knee)
External Rotation Stress Test (Ankle)
Femoral Nerve Traction Test (Low Back)
Finger Escape Sign
Foot Squeeze Test and Mulder's Click Sign
Gaenslen’s Test (Low Back, Sacroiliac)
Gagey Hyperabduction Test (Shoulder)
Gillet’s Test (Low Back, Sacroiliac)
Godfrey’s Test (Knee)
Hautant’s Test (Vertebrobasilar Insufficiency) (VBI)
Hawkins-Kennedy Test (Shoulder)
Helfet’s Test (Knee)
Heel Tap Test (Foot)
Hoffmann's Reflex (Upper Motor Neuron Test)
Hughston’s Posteromedial & Posterolateral Drawer Tests (Knee)
Kernig’s Sign (Meningitis)
Lachman’s Test (Knee)
Lateral Pivot Shift Test (Knee)
Lhermitte’s Sign (Barber Chair Phenomenon) (Multiple Sclerosis)
Load and Shift Test (Shoulder)
Ludington’s Test (Shoulder)
Lumbar Quadrant Test (Low Back)
Matles Test (Ankle)
Maudsley's Test (Elbow)
Maximum Cervical Compression Test - Spurling’s Test (Neck)
McConnell’s Test (Knee)
McMurray’s Test (Knee)
Merke’s Test (Knee)
Mill's Test (Elbow)
Moving Valgus Stress test (Elbow)
Neer Impingement Test (Shoulder)
Neurological Examination of C5 to T1 Nerve Roots
Neurological Examination of L2 to S1 Nerve Roots
Noble’s Compression Test (Knee & Hip)
Ober’s Test (Knee & Hip)
O’Brien Test (Shoulder)
Painful Arc Test (Shoulder)
Patellar Apprehension Test (Knee)
Patellar Ballottement Test and Bulge Sign
Patrick’s Test - FABER (Hip, Sacroiliac)
Piriformis Test
Phalen's Test (Wrist and Hand
Posterior Drawer Test (Knee)
Posterior Sag Sign (Knee)
Pronator Compression Test (Elbow and Hand)
Pronator Teres Syndrome Test (Elbow and Hand)
Resisted External Derotation Test (Hip)
Reverse Cozen's Test (Elbow)
Reverse Mill's Test (Elbow)
Rinne Test
Romberg and Sharpened Romberg Tests
Roos Test (Thoracic Outlet)
Sacral Thrust Test (Low Back, Sacroiliac)
Sacroiliac Compression Test (Low Back, Sacroiliac)
Sacroiliac Distraction Test (Low Back, Sacroiliac)
Scapular Assistance Test (Shoulder)
Scapulohumeral Rhythm (Shoulder)
Screening Neurological Examination for Neck Pain
Shoulder Abduction (Bakody's) Test (Neck)
Shoulder Depression Test  (Neck)
Slocum’s Test (Knee)
Slump Test (Low Back)
Speed’s Test (Shoulder, Biceps, SLAP lesion)
Squeeze Test (Ankle)
Straight Leg Raise (SLR) Test - (Low Back)
Sulcus Sign (Shoulder)
Supinator Syndrome Test (Elbow)
Talar Tilt Test (Ankle)
Tinel's Sign - Carpal Tunnel
Tinel's Sign - Morton's Neuroma
Tinel's Sign - Pronator Teres Syndrome
Tinel's Sign - Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
Thigh Thrust Test (Low Back, Sacroiliac)
Thompson's Test (Ankle)
Thumb Index Finger Squeeze Test (Foot)
Trendelenburg’s Test (Hip)
Triple Compression Stress Test (Foot and Ankle)
Upper Limb Tension Test (Neck)
Valgus Stress Test (Knee)
Valsalva Test (Neck and Back)
Varus Stress Test (Knee)
Varus and Valgus Stress Tests (Elbow)
Waldron’s Test (Knee)
Weber Test
Well Leg Raise Test (Low Back)
Windlass Test (Foot)
Yeoman’s Test (Low Back, Sacroiliac)
Yergason’s Test (Shoulder)
Yocum Test (Shoulder)

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