About CPDO

Our philosophy is simple:

"We aim to provide you with easy to follow, convenient, cost-effective and clinically informative CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Modules that you can complete at home, your office or anywhere with an Internet connection."

Continuing Professional Development Online™ (CPDO) is a provider of approved online video Modules for chiropractors in Australia and New Zealand who wish to complete their formal CPD credit requirements online. We welcome other health care professionals to enrol in our Modules.

The online CPD Modules are produced by experienced health care professionals and educators and present up to date, clear and engaging audiovisual material.

Continuing Professional Development Online™ is a division of Educom Pty Ltd which has a long history in the provision of continuing professional education in Australia. Continuing Professional Development Online™ currently researches, develops and produces online CPD video Modules to assist health professionals maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge while completing their CPD requirements conveniently and cost effectively.


Our Formal CPD Modules are assessed and approved on behalf of AHPRA by the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia and all chiropractors in Australia and New Zealand can use the Modules to earn Formal CPD hours (Formal Learning Activity).

In addition to our operation in Australia, we also provide online Continuing Education (CE) to chiropractors in the United States and Canada:

Chiropractic Online CE™:  https://www.chiropracticonlinece.com


Elham Nia
BSc, DC, MApp.Sc, Grad Dip Ed

Content Development

Elham Nia - Chiropractor
Michael Webb - Chiropractor

Content Review Panel

We are grateful to the following professionals for contributing and reviewing the content of our CPD Modules:

  • Rick Ames - Chiropractor, Senior Lecturer, RMIT University
  • Neysan Sedaghat - Medical Practitioner
  • Margaret Matthews - Osteopath
  • Rachael McAleer - Physiotherapist, Lecturer, La Trobe University
  • Tom Molyneux - Chiropractor, Senior Lecturer, RMIT University


We are grateful to the following professionals and organisations for their kind permission to include their images in our CPD Modules:

  • Vahid Master - Radiologist
  • Levent Efe - Medical Illustrator
  • New Zealand Dermatological Society Incorporated
  • Associate Professor Amanda Oakley - Dermatologist
  • Professor Raimo Suhonen - Dermatologist
  • MoleMap New Zealand

Continuing Professional Development Online™ (CPDO

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