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"Several years ago, when I was looking for ways to earn my own Continuing Education hours, I was disappointed to find that most of the available programs and seminars were either of no immediate relevance to my clinical practice or took me away from my patients and my family. With a background in chiropractic education for many years, I was inspired to research and create materials that would augment my clinical competence. It then became a natural progression to transform this material into a format and platform that would make it available and useful to my colleagues too. Hence, my online educational programs were born in 2008."   – Elham Nia, DC

Continuing Professional Development Online™ (CPDO) provides online CPD Modules for chiropractors and osteopaths in Australia. We welcome other health care professionals to enrol in our Modules.

The online CPD Modules are produced by experienced health care professionals and educators and present up to date, clear, and engaging audiovisual material.

Continuing Professional Development Online™ is a division of Educom Pty Ltd which has a long history in the provision of continuing professional education in Australia. Continuing Professional Development Online™ produces online CPD Modules to assist health professionals to maintain, improve, and broaden their knowledge while completing their CPD requirements conveniently and cost-effectively.


Elham Nia
BSc, DC, MApp.Sc, Grad Dip Ed

Content Development

Elham Nia - Chiropractor
Michael Webb - Chiropractor

Content Review Panel

We are grateful to the following professionals for contributing and reviewing the content of our CPD Modules:

  • Rick Ames - Chiropractor
  • Neysan Sedaghat - Medical Practitioner
  • Margaret Matthews - Osteopath
  • Rachael McAleer - Physiotherapist
  • Tom Molyneux - Chiropractor

We are grateful to the following professionals and organisations for their kind permission to include their images in our CPD Modules:

  • Vahid Master - Radiologist
  • Levent Efe - Medical Illustrator
  • New Zealand Dermatological Society Incorporated
  • Associate Professor Amanda Oakley - Dermatologist
  • Professor Raimo Suhonen - Dermatologist
  • MoleMap New Zealand

Providing CPD and CE in other Countries

In addition to our operation in Australia, we also provide online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Continuing Education (CE) in the following countries:

United Kingdom - Clinical CPD™:  www.clinicalcpd.co.uk

United States (and Canada) - Chiropractic Online CE™:  www.chiropracticonlinece.com

Continuing Professional Development Online™ (CPDO

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